Face Your Fears: Winning Your Battle against Addiction

Posted: December 23, 2015 by

battle against addiction


To begin with, fear plays a big role with addiction. And whether you notice it or not, fear also play a vital role in the process of your healing and full recovery. Fear is quite normal in every phase of recovery. It is often one of the biggest obstacles toward achieving a worthwhile recovery. Thus, fears frequently leave people being tangled with addiction.

Along the journey of recovery, there are lots of uncertainties and fears that need to be recognized, resolve, and properly addressed. More so, conquering fear is a difficult task, but definitely necessary. Hence, the best way to overpower fear is to face it and expect nothing but to gain positive results and outcomes. Here are some methods that you can apply in dealing with fears along the process of your recovery:

Recognize your fears – to fully overcome your fears, it is a must to identify first what are the certain things that you are afraid of. Instead of keeping these dilemmas inside you, acknowledging them would help you to realize on how to deal with them accordingly.  After accepting the fact that you possess these fears, facing them with enough courage is a first step. Furthermore, taking stuffs one step at a time is a significant way to cope up and win against fears.

Have faith – one of the best ways to deal with certain fears is to have faith with the higher power. Keep in mind that you are not alone in this journey and He is always with you along the way. Always remember that there are things which are beyond your control. And all you have to do is to trust Him. It is natural to feel fear, but do not let these fears take control and manipulate your life. The more you control certain situations, the more it controls you. Keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and purpose, according to His plan. All you need is faith.

Be thankful – in every circumstances, give thanks. Being grateful requires positive thinking. Thus, positive thinking often leads people to more opportunities, and makes recovery an easy process. Your attitude affects every aspect of your life, most especially in times of trouble. Study shows that you may be able to enhance your health and can speed up recovery from addiction when a person is optimistic and he or she has the power of gratitude. It is always a matter of choice.

Reach out – facing your fears alone can be a difficult task to do. With this, being able to share your concerns with the people you love can help you win against battling with your fears.  Be with people who definitely care about you and let them help you in this tough situation. Also, seeking an expert’s help would be a lot advantageous. There are professionals who are more than willing to help you overcome your fears, and it is always your choice to seek help from them. In addition, attending social events, participating in recreational activities, and keeping yourself surrounded with the people you love will help you overcome your fears.

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